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Builtec is established by a group of professionals with strong business experience and with 
high individual success rate. Builtec professional team is dedicated with personalized approach
with a versatile group of clients.

Our business reflects our core value of passion, respect and self-motivation. Taking responsibility,
making key decisions and defining solutions have empowered our staff to be proud with our services
to clients. Our aim is to help our clients and accomplish their goals.

Our vision demonstrates belief in service and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team assists
clients with the next career move, employment decisions to be successful. Our interaction with both
candidates and clients are ethical, honest and above all consistent, so each time you meet a Global
Recruitment Consultant the service you receive is of highest standard.

Commitment to excellence

In the new environment, recognition of the core competencies associated, with high performance is
vital. Before beginning any project we establish a sound understanding of all the requirements. We
prefer to meet with the experienced and talented for hiring process and review the position
description as well as your company's values, vision and culture. Our mission is to find top
professionals to fill job openings in a fast, cost-effective and professional way.

Choosing a structured approach

Our search process delivers Candidates who match the Client's corporate values and cultural
strategy. Information gathering, work profiling, candidate searching, qualifying, interviewing
and hiring are all approached in a disciplined and systematic way.


. We provide complete confidentiality of received information.
. We do not hunt candidates from clients.
. We do not damage our client or candidate's reputation.
. We do not allow our candidate's to be discriminated by age, sex, nation,
religion or sexual gender.

OUR PROCEDURE is as follows.

1. We always work confidentially in order to protect our candidate's identity.

2. We collect resumes from our database and also invite applications from
the different source of advertisements for different job openings.

3. Choose those to be interviewed.

4. We plan and conduct the interview based on the employers and the
candidates requirement.

5. We also check references.

6. Upon selection we inform the company and the candidates.

Our industry works closely with jobseekers from all professions and industries, entry level
to corporate executive, nationally and internationally. Our broad based client includes
CEO's, CFO's, Entrepreneurs, Senior Level Executives, General Management, Finance
Administration, Insurance Specialties, Administration, Sales & Marketing, Education,
Engineering, Environmental Services, Human Resources, Office Support, Health Care and
Social Services, Financial Services, Accounting, Hospitality and Service Occupations,
Technical Professions, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, Security, Logistics,
Communications, Retail Management, Purchasing, Plant Management, Consulting,
Arts and Humanities, Transportation and Industrial, Career Transitions, College Graduates and